"God doesn't answer my Prayers, He answers my Questions"

"A Severe Traumatic Brain Injury caused a 41-point drop in my IQ Score (from 140 to 99).  I was (I believed) completely self-sufficient up until that time (as a 140).  There was virtually no Question I couldn't Answer myself or by using Google, so I had no logical need to reach out to a Higher Power.  After the life changing event, my "special powers" were gone, and I was lost for many years.  I finally started reaching out to God for answers, and they came; every time, as often as I asked.  The so-called "veil" was more than "thin", it was virtually removed after the vivid heaven/death experience.  I speak to and with God now, multiple times per day to get real, true, verifiable answers to most any question I have."

This website is under construction. The new book, "God or Google" is being written.  Please check back for updated information.

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